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"All of my work has been nourished, among other references, by the approaches taken by visual artists Philippe Ramette, Jean Tinguely, Jean Dubuffet, Joan Fontcuberta, John Smith, Panamarenko, Ilya Kabakov, Damien Hirst, Richard Barnes, Nicolai Carsten, Roni Horne, Mark Wallinger, those of the essayists Paul Ardenne, Walter Benjamin, Hannah Arendt, Edmond Couchot, Jacques Rancière, as well as works by the writer Viktor Pelevine."

-Pascal Gaudefroy 



2021-2022  Recent drawings, Collective exhibition, Paimpont 

2019-2020 Collective Lumens, Projections in urban space, Coast of Goélo / St Brieuc.

2019 Recent drawings, Collective exhibition, Paimpont (Yannick Connan, Fanny Toutlemonde, Pascal Gaudefroy) 
2018-2020 Forma Design, Rennes and Cancale. Exhibitions of drawings.

July 2018. Creation of the Lumens Collective. Projections in the urban space, Côte du Goélo / St Brieuc.
March 2012. Cabinet du Livre d'Artiste, video installation, Rennes2 University. Rennes.
September 2011. Residence at the National Choreographic Center of Rennes and Brittany, Dance Museum, Rennes.

June 2009. Galerie du Grand Cordel, video-performative installation, Rennes.
May 2009. Residence area of Tizé (association at the end of the diving board) video installation. Rennes.
December 2008. DMA Gallery. Collective exhibition, Rennes.
December 2008. Galerie du Grand Cordel, ephemeral installation, Rennes.
October 2008. Forma Design Gallery. Personal exhibition, Rennes.
October 2008. Hotel Acoustique #1.sound performances, exhibition curator.
(Gabriel Biau, Kamal Hamadache, Damien Marchal, Mauricio Meza, Magda Mrowiec) Rennes.
July 2008. Individual grant for creation of DRAC Bretagne.
June 2008. Hotel Laika #4. Group exhibition, exhibition curator. Rennes.
June 2007. Hotel Laika #3. Group exhibition, exhibition curator. Rennes.
March 2007 Grant for Choreographic Creation DRAC Bretagne via Konsulat. Video installation and performance in collaboration with Katja Fleig, choreographer. Art Center Passerelle Brest (29), Residences: Rennes le Grand Cordel, Le Mans La Foundry, Brest Passerelle.
June 2006. Hotel Laika #2. Group exhibition, exhibition curator. Rennes.
February 2006. Artothèque de Vitré (35) private consulate installation /

Residence Espace Culture Multimedia season 2005- 2006 Creation of the website
December 2005. Acquisition of a work of art by the city of Rennes.
September 2005 Gallery (ER) personal exhibition, installation, Bologna Italy.
August 2005 Municipal Art Center collective exhibition, installation, Comacchio Italy.
July 2005. Individual grant for creation of DRAC Bretagne.
June 2005. Hotel Laika #1. Group exhibition, exhibition curator. Rennes.
March 2005. Grand Cordel Gallery + Rennes1 University. Personal exhibition and installations, Rennes.
June 2004. Municipal Art Center collective exhibition, Tours.
May 1996. Acquisition of a work of art for the realization of a SOUS BOCK'ART of "1664" (Kronenbourg)
From 1994 to 2004 Galerie Jeanne Buanic. Personal exhibitions. Paintings. Rennes. 


Graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Tours (DNSEP) with the congratulations of the jury

Lecturer in visual arts University RENNES 2 with Master 2 students:
The practice of video portraits in contemporary art, invitation from Leszek Brogowski.
Teacher in visual arts (missioned DRAC) Artistic workshops, classes at

Preparatory PAC SEGPA middle school of Chêne Vert Bain de Bretagne (35)
Intervention on current artistic practices (digital arts, net art, arts

living, visual arts) in connection with science and / or information and communication technology (ICT) Rennes.
Intervener in visual arts (missioned DRAC) Residency-mission (one month)
in the school environment (class of CM1, CM2) Pays de Vitré (35)

Temporary teacher School of Fine Arts of Rennes at the invitation of Alain Bourges and Tom Drahos

(artists and teachers) with 3rd year students, video option, preparation for DNAP diploma




“The whole problem comes from the fact that we are constantly leaving for a trip that ended in the second before we left.“

Victor Pelevine (The yellow arrow)

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